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Largs, Ayrshire

At Halkshill you will witness a revelation where there has been no compromise in design or execution, resulting in exceptional homes, where you can live your life in beauty, comfort and joy!

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01/11/11 Simpsinns, Si Bar
01/11/11 Simpsinns, Seamill
01/11/11 Thunderbirds are Go
01/11/11 Fairlie
01/11/11 Hyndman Road
01/11/11 William John Kirkwood
01/09/10 Hunter Street, Prestwick
01/08/10 Halkshill Townhouse Launch in Largs
30/06/10 Auchenharvie
24/06/10 Irvine Royal
01/04/10 Jedward
31/03/10 Zero Carbon
31/03/10 Passive Homes
18/01/10 Sharphill Development
08/01/10 Help for Heroes
We are always actively seeking new challenges and opportunities for commercial or residential development land, including restoration projects regardless of condition. Why not give us a call today for a no obligation chat
on 01294 472966.
Design - Manufacture - Build

RobertRyan homes is the marketing name for Ayrshire based RDK Construction and RobertRyan Timber Engineering. From our Sharphill site in Saltcoats we directly train and employ our core workforce. We have a driving determination with vision and commitment for various projects around Ayrshire. With this in mind we have our own business charter supported by our green objectives and quality of design which states:
  • Reduce energy consumption by improving the insulation value of all walls, floors and roofs

  • Improve the quality of visual design and ensure the use of sustainable materials

  • Ensure the surrounding environment within any development is suitably designed and integrated

  • Off-site fabrication to be increased with new factory facility to further reduce waste and energy usage

  • Increase our workforce with further training and development supporting our low to zero carbon objectives
"Hello! We're Billy and Robert Kirkwood, owners and founders of RobertRyan Homes. With over 60 years experience in the construction industry, when you deal with us, you are assured of outstanding quality and the utmost professionalism."
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