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January 2010

Sharphill Estate Development

New business and employment opportunities for Saltcoats.
Ayrshire based RobertRyan and RDK Construction have recently appointed Planning Consultants McInally Associates to progress the Public Consultation requirements for their Sharphill Estate Development in North Ayrshire. Due to the recent changes in the planning system the proposals constitutes a Major Development, and there for requires following a pre consultation format.

The project is for a mixed use development which will provide for some 30,000 ft2 of first class commercial office accommodation, along with a new dedicated joinery and off-site low carbon house production facility for RobertRyan. A new roundabout and upgrading of the existing roadway and infrastructure will also provide for access to twenty six new low carbon family homes.

Managing Director Billy Kirkwood comments "the vision has been 10 years in the making, the future of the house building industry will require to fully embrace not just low carbon technology, but to also build more off-site, in a controlled environment which automatically reduces waste and improves the efficiency of the build as well as the quality of the finished product."

The new facility will allow RobertRyan to fully develop their panel and modular house building system towards delivering zero carbon homes. This will also allow the company to expand and create new employment opportunities within the new facility with a real focus on training and education.

Billy further comments "talking low carbon and zero carbon can be quite a challenge, however what people do clearly understand is the financial cost of energy such as gas and electricity, we will deliver new homes that require minimal energy consumption but will still be comfortable and appealing to live in. Whilst researching and delivering the new homes market technology we will also look at how we can retro fit the existing housing stock in Scotland of some 2.3 million homes, of which we believe some 25% of the people whom live in them also live in fuel poverty."

Patrick Wiggins, Chief Executive of Irvine Bay Regeneration Company, said:

"While we note that these proposals are at an early stage, they are interesting and we look forward to seeing them develop as they go through the public consultation and planning process. It is encouraging to see a local firm seeking to invest in the area as Irvine Bay continues to work hard to improve the environment for jobs and prosperity."

Further information will be published in the local press confirming when and where you can view the proposals.