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November 2011

William John Kirkwood

A Personal Tribute for our Dad.
It has been a year now since our Dad passed away. Big Billy as he was known to most of his friends and family was one of life’s characters, and who are now unfortunately few and far between. Dad was not officially involved in our business but he very much felt part of it and was very proud of what both Robert and I had achieved so far.

He always had loads of comments to make about what was not being done to his liking or at his pace or precision, and to be honest although Robert and I often humoured his comments we did quietly listen and responded accordingly.

The lack of updates on our website since my Dad passed away has really been a lack of input on my behalf. I now recognise that its time to get the gloves off and start to fight our way through this recession in preparation of a return to business opportunities and growth. This website may be the very channel that will secure new projects and business opportunities, so it is important that we get it up to date and informative. Dad advised and taught us many things in life but the one thing that will remain with us forever, is the respect we had for his work ethic and willingness to help others, Dad was no angel but I can rest assure you he will have already established a fan club in the Almighty Heavens High Above. Rest in peace Big Man. Love Billy, Robert and all the Family.

William John Kirkwood
19th Dec. 1936 - 30th Oct 2010