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Largs, Ayrshire

At Halkshill you will witness a revelation where there has been no compromise in design or execution, resulting in exceptional homes, where you can live your life in beauty, comfort and joy!

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Reduce energy consumption by improving the insulation value of walls, floors and roofs.
Improve the quality of visual design and ensure the use of sustainable materials.
Ensure the surrounding environment within any development should be suitably designed & integrated.
Off site fabrication to be increased with new factory facility to further reduce waste & energy usage.
Increase our workforce with further training and development supporting our low to zero carbon objectives.

About Us...

RDK Construction Ltd was formed in 1992 and is owned and run by Ayrshire brothers Billy and Robert Kirkwood. Both brothers were educated at Ardrossan Academy and served a Joinery apprenticeship with Saltcoats based A C Shedden Joiners and Glaziers. Since 1992 RDK has predominately pursued vacant land and derelict buildings thereafter seeking planning consent to develop, build out and sell. All types of residential projects have been undertaken, from small flatted developments supported by GRO Grants to Social Housing and Private Housing across all tenures. They have also built up a reputation for building very high quality individual homes for the discerning home owner. RDK is also an NHBC Registered Builder.

Their range of projects has also included Leisure and Commercial Contracts and this is an area that they intend to develop and expand in the near future.


"We are keen to expand our core workforce and help train, develop and upskill our existing employees. With direct employees it is so much easier to get it right first time, every time! With both Roberts and my own Joinery background the quality of finish is crucial although Robert and I still debate who was the better joiner between us."
Billy Kirkwood

" When we were both on the tools, Billy looked more like he came from the Joinery Style Academy whereas I would have the job complete and moved on to the next one, some things never change"
Robert Kirkwood

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